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IPL Photofacial/Limelight - Before and After

Skin Rejuvenation Innovation: IPL Photofacial/Limelight

What is Photofacial/Limelight?

Intense Pulsed Light (or IPL) Photofacial/Limelight treatments use lasers to treat broken capillaries, brown spots, rosacea, and/or discolorations on the skin caused by sun damage or by other sources.

What does it do?

IPL Limelight treatments induce the body to produce collagen which can improve the appearance of fine lines, pores, and also make the skin appear tighter and smoother.

How does it work?

The laser, using high-intensity light, penetrates below the surface of the skin to zap broken capillaries and brown spots. Once the skin has time to heal, the treated area will become smoother and more toned with less visible pigmentation and broken capillaries.

IPL Photofacial/Limelight treatments can be used on any part of the face, neck, or décolleté where brown spots, tiny veins, or skin redness is present. The IPL Photofacial/Limelight treatment will be customized to your skin type and you will only experience a very mild or slight stinging sensation during your treatment.

Most IPL Photofacial/Limelight treatments take about one hour, and one to three treatments should be enough to see good results. It usually takes between one to three weeks to see the results, and in the interim period you may experience some redness in the treated areas along with any treated brown spots darkening and shedding skin cells. The redness and flaking will dissipate and smoother, unblemished skin will gradually appear.

Contact Information for medi spa customers living in the Los Angeles area

If you currently reside in the Los Angeles area and are looking for a medi spa in Los Angeles that offers skin tightening in Los Angeles using IPL Photofacial/Limelight treatments, contact Dr. Berkeley Skin + Body, the perfect location to schedule an appointment to learn more about this new, non-invasive skin tightening procedure.

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Linda L. Berkley, MD

Medical Director

Linda L. Berkley MD

Dr. Berkley graduated from UCLA in 1975 before completing her doctorate at the University of California Irvine Medical School in 1979. She practiced emergency medicine for 32 years and spent 2 years working at the Grossman Burn unit in Sherman Oaks, as well as having a private family practice.

Studying and practicing Medical Esthetics since 2006, Dr. Berkley obtains excellent natural-looking results thanks to her artistic eye, good hands, and soft touch.

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