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The Secret to Long-Term Stress Relief

Regular, Recurring Massage Treatments

How many times have you thought to yourself, “I could really use a massage right now?”

If you are like the average person, you love the idea of getting a massage, but never seem to have the time to do so. Maybe it feels like more of an indulgence, or isn’t something that you really have the time to do on a regular basis.

But what if you knew that getting a weekly massage actually had health benefits? Real, legitimate health benefits?

Then you might consider getting a massage on a weekly basis, rather than just on special occasions, wouldn’t you?

Studies have shown that weekly massages have myriad health benefits, one of them being stress relief. In our daily lives, we are exposed to a variety of factors that can increase our stress, and stress, as we know, takes years off our lives. Work, family, money – all of these things can leave us stressed and unable to cope well, not to mention feeling tired and achy overall. At our medispa in Los Angeles, we believe that a massage is not just for feeling great once in a while, but is a step to a longer lifetime of good health and happiness.

It is important to note that not all massage packages are created equal…

You may find that one type of massage is more beneficial to you than another, and we certainly can recommend what we believe is your best bet. It’s also worth giving several different types a try before settling on one or two of them.

Examples of popular massage techniques are Swedish massage and hot stone massage, both of which leave our clients feeling relaxed yet energized, at peace yet ready to tackle a new day filled with challenges.

So the next time someone tells you to get a massage, you should heed that advice!

And don’t just get one. Get massages regularly.

Contact our clinic for a free consultation on the right massage for you.

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Linda L. Berkley, MD

Medical Director

Linda L. Berkley MD

Dr. Berkley graduated from UCLA in 1975 before completing her doctorate at the University of California Irvine Medical School in 1979. She practiced emergency medicine for 32 years and spent 2 years working at the Grossman Burn unit in Sherman Oaks, as well as having a private family practice.

Studying and practicing Medical Esthetics since 2006, Dr. Berkley obtains excellent natural-looking results thanks to her artistic eye, good hands, and soft touch.

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