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Laser Removal of Spider Veins: How Does it Work?

Spider veins can be the ruination of a person’s complexion and the bane of a person’s existence. Smaller than varicose veins, these enlarged vessels, which appear reddish or purplish to the eye, twist and turn under the skin. They are often found on the face and in the legs. They can result from a number of internal and external factors, including heredity and excessive exposure to sunlight.

Spider veins can be reduced or eliminated a number of ways, including surgery, but one of the most advanced forms of treatment, which employs Cutera Coolglide technology, is available at our medi spa in Los Angeles.

How Does the Treatment Work?

Differing from surgical techniques, Cutera Coolglide eliminates spider veins using the wonders of laser light. The pulsating light of the Coolglide system causes the blood in the affected vein to immediately coagulate, allowing the vessel to dissipate into the body.

The key to the success of the Coolglide system is its ability to target veins at different levels in the skin. This makes possible the treatment of the smallest spider veins and the deepest reticular veins. Larger veins may take up to a month to fade away, although smaller vessels should disappear in a matter of minutes.

The Positive Effects of Spider Vein Removal

The Cutera Coolglide technique can remove spider veins safely and efficiently, and on any type of complexion. Whether they have light or dark skin or are heavily tanned, patients should experience only minimal bruising and blistering. Since there are no needles, there will be no incision marks in the skin. Patients who undergo the treatment should be able to resume their normal activities within a day. Their real satisfaction will come later, when they see skin that has been rejuvenated and beautified. This is the promise of the Cutera Coolglide system, which is available here at Dr. Berkley Skin + Body.

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Linda L. Berkley, MD

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Linda L. Berkley MD

Dr. Berkley graduated from UCLA in 1975 before completing her doctorate at the University of California Irvine Medical School in 1979. She practiced emergency medicine for 32 years and spent 2 years working at the Grossman Burn unit in Sherman Oaks, as well as having a private family practice.

Studying and practicing Medical Esthetics since 2006, Dr. Berkley obtains excellent natural-looking results thanks to her artistic eye, good hands, and soft touch.

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