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Skin Rejuvenation with the Genesis Laser

Laser Genesis is an advanced-technology skin tightening therapy which applies scientific advancements for brilliant skin and a single skin tone. The skin texturing and coloring capabilities of Genesis are useful solutions to many common skin problems, including dramatically reducing pore size and acne scarring.

The treatment gives the skin a smoother, tighter feel and a glowing appearance. Since it is non-damaging, activities can be continued immediately—there is no down time.

Laser Genesis Functionality

The laser sends targeted light particles to the deeper layers of the skin (the dermis), where collagen is manufactured. The laser heats the dermis, which generates more collagen and helps the skin fill out naturally over time.

The collagen will allow pores and skin to tighten up as well. This is an overall improvement to the surrounding skin, naturally smoothing out the feel and look.

The laser will also heat up the microvasculature under the skin. This results in the small blood vessels evening out the color of the skin, reducing redness caused by rosacea or other issues.


Laser Genesis Application

The service is done by using light to push through the skin where collagen is produced. The light stimulates the collagen, creating new natural filler, resulting in tighter and more even skin.

Other harsher methods cause damage to the top layer of the skin (ablative). The Genesis laser is non-ablative. It is a safe procedure that effectively and safely evens out skin.

Genesis is not just used for the facial areas. It can improve the appearance of scars anywhere on the body. Laser Genesis grants the skin an improved general appearance, especially on chest, face and neck. In all areas, it evens out fine line wrinkles and generates uniform skin tones.

Laser Genesis improves acne scarring and is particularly effective when combined with other common treatments like chemical peels.

Laser Tightening doesn’t come with the longer recovery or higher cost associated with CO2 laser resurfacing, deep chemical peels, ERBIUM lasers, or plastic surgery.

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Linda L. Berkley, MD

Medical Director

Linda L. Berkley MD

Dr. Berkley graduated from UCLA in 1975 before completing her doctorate at the University of California Irvine Medical School in 1979. She practiced emergency medicine for 32 years and spent 2 years working at the Grossman Burn unit in Sherman Oaks, as well as having a private family practice.

Studying and practicing Medical Esthetics since 2006, Dr. Berkley obtains excellent natural-looking results thanks to her artistic eye, good hands, and soft touch.

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