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Turn Back the Clock with our Anti-Aging Facial

They say time is the enemy of skin. That’s debatable, of course, but there is a certain undeniable kernel of truth. It’s a fact that our sagging facial skin is directly related to aging.

Now, we can’t force time to reverse itself, but we can take great care of our skin. And Dr. Berkley Skin + Body’s facials in Studio City can help with the latter.

Turn back the clock in a metaphorical sense with one of our anti-aging facial treatments.

Our lush and lavish Anti-Aging Facial is a relaxing multi-phase epicuren enzyme treatment, designed specifically to diminish fine wrinkles, help tighten skin, and leave your face glowingly radiant. The overall effect is a years-younger outward appearance, and a totally relaxed mind.

Or, take it one step further — opt for the non-surgical “Face Lift” Facial, and enjoy a lasting effect well after you leave our medspa. This treatment stimulates collagen, protein and enzyme formation, helping your own skin cells reactivate and rejuvenate mature skin. The result is younger-looking, more radiant skin right away, with a deeper, lasting improvement over time. And to complement and enhance this procedure, ask our professional staff about our prescription-only home skin rejuvenation system by Obagi.

Or, if you’re in a big hurry, we offer an Epicuren Quick Enzyme Fix. This is a swift microdermabrasion cream and peel treatment laden with enzymes to revitalize and reenergize your facial skin, bringing the most glowing effect in the least time.

We have a lot to offer your facial skin here at our Studio City medspa. Book an appointment online now and see how we can help you take off some of the effects of time!

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Linda L. Berkley, MD

Medical Director

Linda L. Berkley MD

Dr. Berkley graduated from UCLA in 1975 before completing her doctorate at the University of California Irvine Medical School in 1979. She practiced emergency medicine for 32 years and spent 2 years working at the Grossman Burn unit in Sherman Oaks, as well as having a private family practice.

Studying and practicing Medical Esthetics since 2006, Dr. Berkley obtains excellent natural-looking results thanks to her artistic eye, good hands, and soft touch.

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